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The Oryx


Between 1969 and 1977, ninety-five oryx native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa were released on White Sands Missile Range and the surrounding areas. They are especially adapted to desert life and can go a long time without drinking water, and with an abundance of food and few native predators, there are thousands of oryx in residence on the missile range today.

Inspired by the oryx (also known as the gemsbok), the sound holes and natural wood grain in the body in the body echo the oryx's horns and coloration and a likeness of the oryx is engraved on the headstock. This four string guitar is made almost entirely out of hard maple with a neck that is complete with adjustable truss rod and rosewood fretboard, all hand finished with an all-natural tung oil and citrus oil blend.

Other features: All black hardware. Synthetic bone nut. Alnico V humbucker pickup with a laser-cut acrylic bezel. Separate tone and volume controls leading to a "Pure Tone" jack. Strung with Ernie Ball strings currently tuned to Fmaj9 (FACG)

Serial number 2403004, hand built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.