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First, About The Art

I get it - you've come here and are finding an unusual mix of musical instruments and fantasy art and aren't sure what's going on here. 2024 is a transitional year for me - I am moving away from hand-drawn media and into crafting interactive work that draws on more of the senses. I don't think the fantasy art will completely go away, but my primary focus is now on the guitars, and by the end of 2024 most of what you will find here will be the guitars as I close out inventory and sell through all the older stuff.  

It doesn't it's not good! Everything is made entirely in my studio and do not outsource production to a third party. All my art prints use UV-resistant pigment inks on archival photo metallic luster paper and should last for many years with minimal care. All of my guitars are hand-built with high quality hardwood and other parts and materials from reputable suppliers. All my other items get similar consideration. Each item is individually inspected during and after production and then packaged by hand.

When you place your order here you are buying directly from me. This is how I make my living! I'm the one who fills your order and checks and approves the quality of each item. There's no one else on the payroll. It's just me. The upshot is that there are no additional fees or percentages taken out by a faceless middleman and therefore I can offer a fair price to you.

If you feel you need to get a better look at something I am offering in my little online shop please feel free to ask!

About Me

Talking about myself and my studio in third person seems overly pretentious and I'm just not comfortable with what I call the royal "we". It's just weird and I honestly don't know why so many other do it, but I'm not gonna do it here with my online bumf.

I have been creating art since I was a kid, beginning with little more that a standard No. 2 pencil and office supplies my mother would buy for my birthdays. I later moved to acrylic paints and was selling art and doing murals by the time I was in college. Somewhere along the way I married, divorced, and then made the decision to care for shelter animals, and though I packed my brushes away, I never got rid of them as I moved and lived in different parts of the country. 

To be honest, it took someone's constant badgering to convince me to dig those brushes out and start using them again. After a few poor sketches it was like getting back on a bicycle. I bought new paint. The stories started flowing again, first as a trickle, and now as a fast bubbling creek. I really have trouble finishing a thing before a new idea demands my attention. I paint and draw and art to share what is in my mind's eye and dreams, and to meditate in the process. The ideas are rather random but I'm beginning to see some common themes in my work, and it has been eye-opening. 

2024 has brought a lot of changes - I was well on my way to even more detailed and photorealistic fantasy art when the whole "AI" bomb was dropped on my front lawn - it's like someone put John Carpenter's The Thing in a photocopier and used the printouts to TP the trees. I cannot tell you how many subpar pinup and fantasy images I've seen that have been generated by script pirates who have NO deeper understanding of what they're passing off as "art", but I imagine the raw acreage would rival the deforestation rate in the Amazon. One of the effects of this explosion in the bowels of uncanny valley has been a new venture into guitar repair and building, and I am finding that it comes rather naturally to me. This is an extension of my art. I certainly don't pretend to call myself a "luthier", but what I create are solid players with a good sound, and there isn't any "AI" or script monkey on Midjourney that can follow me.

More than anything, though, I have learned to have patience with myself as I explore how things actually work and then applying the techniques I've learned over the years to explore what light and darkness and sound and texture can do when they all work together. It's also a rather apt metaphor for my life, I think. 

This job is as much for me as anyone else, but it is also a gift I like to share and maybe get a smile or start a conversation, and that's what truly motivates me to keep going.