Shipping Info

Nehi Wolf Art Studio

Shipping Info

Okay, let's be honest here. I'm not Amazon. I don't have a warehouse or a legion of minions at my disposal. It's just me. I'm the one who makes and packages your order and loads up my car with to drive to the post office to stand in line behind someone who can't remember their address, a guy buying Elvis collector stamps, and a little old lady who insists on mailing her priceless tea set in a paper sack. While I make every effort to get your purchase sent in a timely fashion, it's going to take longer than two days, and that's all there is to it.

I currently schedule to ship every Thursday. This generally means if you order on Friday, you'll likely have to wait a week to see your purchase shipped. As an artist I am generally working markets and arts festivals on weekends and simply haven't the time to dash to the post. If I get enough orders to make an extra trip worthwhile it can be sooner, but this is not at all guaranteed.

(I also offer local pickup in Las Cruces, New Mexico - please arrange details with me first)

Large custom prints will be shipped in mailer tubes while smaller prints will ship in rigid flat envelopes. Originals will be well-packaged in a manner at my discretion. All items ship via USPS unless otherwise specified in the listing.

There is a flat $4 USD for orders shipped in the US, $5 USD for international orders. Whether you order one print or several, you'll pay the same rate.

(I'm also human and do human things like living, going on vacations, getting sick, and yes, making new art. It is possible these things may affect the shipment of your order and I will do everything reasonable to communicate and minimize inconvenience when these things happen.)

If your prints get mangled and buffed on their way to you, just contact me with a photo of the disaster and I'll be happy to send a replacement print. You paid for my art and I want you to have it!

Also, please be kind to your delivery driver!