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Mighty Minnow


This three string is built around a small, minnow-themed cigar box and comes with a full-length neck, shiny silver accents, a bright tone with just a flash of shimmer, and a tail for a headstock. Yeah, it's basically a fish.

This neck-through body has laser cut fish holes (f-holes) and springs inside the box for a bit of flash and kick. The lipstick pickup provides a mellow yet bright mid-scooped sound with a surprising amount of bass and is simply controlled by a great shiny volume knob on the side.

The art that was originally inside the box lid has been faithfully laser engraved on the back and there are other artistic details to be seen, like a walnut truss rod cover and cherry wood accents near the bridge and a specially oxidized headstock. All of this is simply finished with a light helping of orange and tung oil.

I'm not going to lie, the urge to fill this description with aquatic puns was mighty great. It's the Mighty Minnow, after all - this is currently tuned (not tuna) to DAD.

Serial number 2405010. Handmade in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.