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The Castaña


This is "The Castaña". As with all of my guitar builds, I consider this one a unique work of playable art. So it has a title - the word for chestnut in Spanish is "castaña". Yes, I know full well that "la" is more correct than "the", but we are the music-makers and the dreamer of dreams. My call.

The chestnut symbolizes abundance, longevity, and auspiciousness, and the deep, warm look and feel of this guitar feels at once natural and for a lack of a better word, mucho. Again, my call.

This four string guitar is very lightly finished with a maple neck that is complete with adjustable truss rod and rosewood fretboard - sorry folks, there's no actual chestnut wood in this build! You'd be surprised how hard it is to get hold of in North America - thanks chestnut blight 😕

The custom-shaped headstock has a laser-engraved logo and pin striping, brass tuners, and routed access to the truss rod. A deeper basswood soundbox voices a warm, deep baritone for its size. Kinda rumbly, actually. I'm not mad at it.

Other features: Antique style brass hardware. Cattle bone nut. Alnico V humbucker pickup with a rosewood bezel. Separate tone and volume controls leading to a "Pure Tone" jack. Strung with Ernie Ball strings tuned to GDGB.

Serial number 2402003, hand built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.