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Onyx Prime


"Onyx Prime" is built on a red-dot Cohiba Robusto box and is finished in rattle can glossy black with silver and chrome accents. This is a four string guitar with a maple neck complete with adjustable truss rod and an Indian rosewood fretboard. The custom-shaped headstock has a laser-engraved logo and a more accentuated curve than my other guitars as a nod to the devil's horns hand sign. Because reasons.

The tone on this build is bright and a bit punchy and there's also a bit of strat quack when you plug it in. Other features: Cattle bone nut. Telecaster-style bridge with an Alnico V single coil pickup. Simulated carbon fiber back. Separate tone and volume controls leading to a "Pure Tone" jack. Lots of tiny silver dots on the back. Strung with Ernie Ball strings tuned to open F because it sounds nice on this build. Of course you can retune it to whatever you'd like!

Serial number 2402002, hand built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.