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¡Mira! '24


This is a special build created for the 2024 ¡Mira! Las Cruces Festival in New Mexico. Themed engravings can be found on the top and headstock of this guitar, which is made from quality hardwoods including hard maple, walnut, and cherry. The engravings, which feature a custom turquoise zia logo on the body and a rocket launch on the headstock symbolizing the aerospace industry, are all hand painted and resin filled for durability.

The hard maple neck has been aged for a more rustic look to match the other hardwoods making up the body and brass and copper hardware. The truss rod cover is laser-cut walnut. The back of the neck has been finished with tung oil for a more natural feel while the rosewood fretboard has been treated with orange oil. The headstock and rest of the body is finished with a matte poly topcoat over a natural shellac finish to bring out the natural warmth and grain of the wood.

The front of the box features brass knobs for tome and volume, a copper hardtail bridge, laser-cut f-holes and a full-throated P90 pickup at the neck position. Access to the electrics inside of the box, which include full-size 250K pots and a PureTone output jack, is through a rear panel. Four resonator springs can also be found inside the box and are braced with hard maple and tensioned in place for maximum reverberation.

How does it sound? Amazing. This is an especially resonant guitar with warm, complex tones that you can feel reverberate all the way up the neck - even the P90 picks up a slight hint of induction from the reverb springs when plugged into an amp! This is currently tuned to DADF#, but as always you can do what you'd like - there's no tuning I've found so far that doesn't sound good on this guitar.

Serial number 2404008, hand built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.