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Fat Bottom Betty


To be honest, I can't think of a better name than what is already on the box!

Fat Bottom Betty is built a little different. Instead of being built "neck though" on the box lid, the top of the box and the bridge is braced with cherry and walnut and there's an oval cutout to show off and frame the interior art that was originally on the box. All the electrics are housed on that same lid. The neck is attached to the bottom half of the box with additional hardwood backing and a steel plate mounted to the back of the box. All of the interior wood has been well-oiled.

The net result of all of this is a surprisingly deep, warm, and resonant sound for how thin this box is, so naturally I've tuned it to drop D. Because reasons. Y'all can do whatever you'd like.

She's simple - three strings, single coil pickup, one knob for volume control. Maple neck and rosewood fretboard. All of the tuners are inline on the top of the headstock for easy access. Treat her well and she'll talk dirty for you.

(Calm down thirst pirates, it's a guitar.)

Serial number 2403006. Handmade in Las Cruces, New Mexico.