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El Cortado


The cortado is an espresso-based hit of caffeine originating in Spain and is popular in central America. The name comes from the Spanish word for "cut", and this drink is indeed cut with steamed milk and served in a smaller size.

This "Espresso & Cream" box comes from Macanudo cigars in Nicaragua and is the design cue for "El Cortado" - a dark, caffeinated low action guitar with white and copper accents and a creamy hard maple neck. This build has an inline headstock, humbucker pickup, laser-cut f-holes, tone and volume controls and a surprisingly deep and throaty resonance. The headstock and inside of the box are both laser engraved with the "Mooncaster Guitars" logo and the entire guitar is finished with orange and tung oil. Currently tuned to EBEG#, but as always you can do you.

Smooth, creamy, gives you a nice kick. That's "El Cortado" ☕️

Serial number 2404009, hand built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Online price includes shipping.