$10.00 USD - $70.00 USD

Retro Record Cup Coaster Sets

Currently available in my art booth - online availability for these laser cut and hand assembled retro-styled cup coaster is now open!

These sets measure 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches (138mm x 109mm) and each coaster is 3 1/2 inches (89mm) in diameter. There will be some minor variation in height depending on the materials selected.

These are NOT factory made. The wood and the acrylic for these sets are all hand selected from my stock of available materials and each set is cut one at a time and assembled by hand one at a time so there will be some variation from one set to the next - this means that every one is unique! That said the coaster set you order will not look exactly like what you see in the photos. I am also continually making slight improvements based on customer feedback and there may be some minor variations in the design.

All sets include four black acrylic coasters with my studio name - one for the turntable and three more that store in slots that are underneath when not in use. Some sets may use different default colors depending on materials and artistic reasons.

(Please note that availability of wood players is dependent on my material supplies and are NOT guaranteed to be in stock!)

You can choose to substitute the default coasters with custom-made coasters that have your choice of artist and album! These designs will not be printed - rather, they will be laser engraved and hand painted where color is needed and some designs may be simplified to look good in a small area. You can also choose things like family names or other things that are important to you!

Custom coasters are an additional ten dollars each, and if you just want one custom coaster I can do that as well! Please specify your choice when ordering - if I have questions or need to make changes I will contact you, so it's important that I have your contact information!

If you would like to discuss other customization options feel free to contact me. These are not "on the shelf" - they are made on demand and treated as custom orders. They will require an additional one to two weeks for fabrication, more if there is a high demand. These are relatively heavy compared to my other items and as such they will ship separately from other items in the shop, and all the additional shipping charges are included in the online price.

If the listing is "out of stock", check back later and give it some time to refresh. It means I am processing another order and will reset the count when I am ready to take the details on the next order. These are popular - please be patient!

(Disclaimer: These cup coaster sets do NOT play music. They're cup coasters. As much as we'd all like to have a miniature record player that plays music, these are cup coaster sets and the records don't actually play music. That might seem like a no-brainer but I actually get asked quite often!)