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Custom Orders vs. Commissions

There is a BIG difference between a "custom order" and a "commission". In fact they are two entirely different things. I feel a lot of people get the two confused, so here is a brief explaination of what those differences are:

A custom order could mean that you see a piece you like but not in the size you are looking for, or maybe you want an autographed copy, or maybe you've seen a piece on my social media accounts that you'd like a print of - this could also apply to some of my saucier NSFW art which I don't promote anymore yet remains available on request. Print sizes, signatures, personalization of an existing piece. This is the realm of custom orders, and I am more than happy to do this sort of thing for you.

Commissions are rather different - these are contracts between a patron and artist for completely new and unique work. A commission such as this is a request for my skills and hours of my time and setting aside my other projects to create just for you. I am not currently open for personal art commissions from the general public. This is NOT the place to ask me if I can draw your significant other or pet. I'm sure you have a great fuzzy companion there that deserves a portrait of some sort but I am not the right person to ask for that. Sorry!

That said, I am always open to business and commercial commissions such as logos and ad work, and I will occasionally take on a book or album cover under this umbrella if I feel the project is worth the investment of my time and resources. If this is of interest you you feel free please inqure directly via my contact form or my social media DMs.

In short, I'll do custom orders. I won't consider commissions unless you are a business. If you're still not certain about all this please contact me - I'll be happy to answer your questions!